Interview: Nicole Bryl Make-Up New York – part two

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Nicole Bryl, Make-Up New York in front of Trump Plane enroute to Oprah Show

Nicole Bryl, Make-Up New York in front of Trump Plane enroute to Oprah Show

Read about Nicole Bryl’s beauty secrets and her opinion on BB Cream today!

Is there a beauty secret that you can reveal? Small tricks you can offer?

Never go to sleep with make-up on (sleeping with makeup on really cracks and dries out your poor skin). Don’t drink too much alcohol (alcohol dehydrates your skin making it look tired and worn out). Drink lots of water (hydration is a huge all over beauty secret).

Try and eat as many raw green veggies or drink as much raw green veggie juice as possible (after adding this to your diet you won’t believe how much younger and healthier your skin will look in a short amount of time). Stop smoking (it’s creates so many extra wrinkles)!

Everybody is talking about BB Creams. What do you think of the new formula?

Blemish Balm Cream a.k.a BB Cream, is one of Asia’s most sought after beauty products right now. Originally used by German dermatologists’ to sooth & regenerate skin after laser sugery, BB cream is a great product for all those who have troubled skin and need some healing components. If you have oily skin or pimples BB cream might be the perfect option for you. It’s an all in one product & does provide a good coverage without being too heavy but I would still suggest using your normal moisturizer or SPF under it first to make sure your skin has the maximum amount of hydration & protection needed throughout the day. All in one products are great, but remember that when it’s all in one it is each specific component is diluted down from it’s original concentration. So for instance never think that just because there is a high SPF in any given product that you are truly getting the full benefits of a concentrated SPF. Some people say that this is the best BB cream and never leaves them oily.

I like many different kinds so you just have to play and see which one feels right on your own skin!

Which beauty labels do you prefer?

Honestly, you can find awesome products from every single brand out there.I so enjoy discovering the items I can’t live without and mixing and matching all of them into my makeup kit! When I am in Berlin for example right across the street from the KaDeWe there is this amazing generic makeup/drug store where you can find incredible cheapy make-up gems that can be equally as great as any of the expensive items found at the KaDeWe.

It’s always the same: you want to look great for an event and the morning you wake up you see that there is a pimple on your face – Are there any trick’s to get rid of it quickly?

Ok first of all: do not pick at your pimple! The worst thing to do is to pick at your poor pimple. It’s terrible for your skin if not done correctly and can leave scars, but also when you break the top layer of your skin like that it is next to impossible to then try and conceal the pimple with coverup make-up because the coverup has no skin to adhere to. The freshly picked raw skin that remains separates the make-up leaving your face looking like a mess and once you break a pimple there is no guarantee the bleeding will stop either. Here’s a trick that sometimes works to reduce the volume of a pimple in a pinch… freeze the pimple by holding an ice cube on it for 10 minutes. Then, before applying your makeup, saturate a cotton ball with Eye Drops and press it to the pimple for another minute or so. This will minimize the redness at the very least. Then use a thick concealer (derma blend is what I use for these situations) to cover it up and add a powder foundation over that. It might be big, but at least the redness will be covered up for all of the pictures!

Which celebrities would you like to make up some day?

My current celebrity wish list includes beauties such as: Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez & Singer’s Jessie J & Adele.

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    2. Juni 2012 at 10:25

    Hi, the drugstore right across the street from Kadewe is “dm”!


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