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Nicole Bryl

Nicole Bryl is a famous make-up artist living in New York City. Among her clients: the Hilfiger Family, the Trump Family, Naomi Watts and many more. I got the chance to ask her a few questions. Today you can read about beauty trends, which royals have already been clients of Nicole, she reveals beauty secrets and much more – have fun!

I read that you always dreamed of being a make-up artist. What fascinates you about your job? Are there also downsides?

Things I love about being a Freelance Make-up Artist…. well to be clear, living the life of “freelancer” no matter what you do is already a unique way of living.

First of all let me acknowledge how wonderful is it to get paid to be creative everyday and to be able to pick and choose my projects and clients! I am super grateful for this freedom and because of it I truly love the people I choose to spend my days with!

I am happiest not going to the same location everyday. If I had to sit at the same desk in the same room day after day I think I would slowly die. I need to constantly move like a car needs fuel. I enjoy being on the go professionally.

Seeing new faces and new locations each day keeps life fresh for me. Even if I am working with the same clients year after year I never feel couped up or in a routine in anyway because we are usually in their homes or hotel rooms or on a plane or helicopter or some other location thats enjoyable or breezy. For me this is what makes life interesting.

I know quit well that there are so many people out there that would hate this feeling of “not knowing” where they will be the next day as it is all based on blind faith when you freelance, but to me this is work life at it’s best and I never tire from it.

Oddly enough, this kind of running around comes with one big downfall which I do not enjoy at all and this is the constant schlepp. Because I am always running from one location to the next with my very heavy work gear in and out of taxi cabs up and down stairs packing and unpacking my kit all day long day after day year after year my poor back begins to scream at me after a while and I can feel really physically exhausted by the end of the day. But hey, nothing is perfect and as long as my body will carry me forward I will keep running around. This is also why I usually take the entire month of August off each year. One full month to totally unwind. I always head straight to Berlin of course. A city that totally recharges my creative batteries and the place I call home when I am in Europe. There I enjoy “me” time with many friends that I have adopted as family over the years!

What is the look for this summer? What are the current make-up trends?

The biggest color trends for 2012 spring/summer is sea foam/mint green, as well neon’s on lips and nails, such as oranges, bright blues, yellows, greens and hot pinks.

Do you always wear make-up yourself in your private life? 

On the rare occasion I have a full day off in NY without seeing a client I never wear a stitch of make-up.If I am at my desk all day long doing paper work or writing an article I so enjoy having a personal make-up day off! Of course, if I go out socially I will put some on but if I am home alone or even if a few good friends pop over to visit me no way!

Although when I am on vacation I so much enjoy taking the time every morning after my shower to slowly put my own make-up on. Because I have time for only me, I actually take the time to be creative with my own face which I never get a chance to do when I am in NY working and getting up at 4am everyday. This personal make-up luxury is a great deal of fun for sure!

Was there a highlight in your career so far?

Goodness, so many highlights in a 27 year career where to even begin.

Well, most recently making up Prince Albert & HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco when they were in NY. I really enjoy working with royalty. There is always so much class and elegance involved!

Nicole Bryl & HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

If you were limited to three products, which products would you choose?

Wow that’s a tough one but if I had to choose only 3 for my own personal face:

Studio Fix Duel Finish Powder Foundation by MAC, L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara and it would be a toss up for the third and final product between blush & lipstick.. hmmmm tough one.

Read about Nicole’s opinion on BB Creams and more tomorrow in part two of the interview!

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