An open letter to the thief, who stole part of the Marc Jacobs collection

In: Fashion

Dear Mr. Thief, or Mrs. Thief,

I can totally understand, why you would want the Spring Summer 2012 Marc Jacobs collection hanging in your closet. Marc’s creations are so wonderful and I imagined numerous times, how great it would be to just be able to possess the beautiful pieces.

However, what interests me most is: what are you going to do with those fab clothes? Sell them to a copy-cat? Wear them (you will totally get caught!)? If you read this, please write me an e-mail (you can just write „by Mr./Mrs. thief“ under your e-mail) and tell me. I am just so incredibly curious!

If you feel bad now, after stealing so many precious designs and being the reason, why the European Press Day had to be cancelled, you can also send me all the pieces you stole. I will send them to the Marc Jacobs office (after trying on every single item…) and tell him that you are really sorry.

That’s all! (I will stick with Miranda Priestly’s words here, „sincerely“ is just not the right ending to this letter)


Den Brief werde ich heute nicht noch einmal auf Deutsch verfassen. Der Dieb wird ja wohl der englischen Sprache mächtig sein…

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