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I’m Watch – wearing your smartphone on your wrist?

In: Lifestyle
27. Februar 2013 by Susan Fengler

Eine Uhr, die quasi mein Smartphone ersetzen soll? Die Beschreibung von I’m Watch klang ziemlich cool und als ich gefragt wurde, ob ich die Smartphone-Uhr ausprobieren möchte, habe ich nicht gezögert. Schließlich schimpfe ich mich als Online-Redakteur und Community Manager auch “digital native” und “early adopter” – probiere also gern die neuesten Social Media Entwicklungen …

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Marc Jacobs vs. Kidult

In: New York City
18. Mai 2012 by Susan Fengler

Art by Art Jacobs -the funny reaction on twitter by Marc Jacobs and his team when they saw that their store front had been sprayed on by well-known graffiti artist Kidult. Now we can buy “Art by Art Jacobs” t-shirts in the store at Mercer Street – for 689 Dollars! Kidult is not amused at …

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Following Sue loves NYC on Facebook and Twitter

In: Lifestyle
11. Dezember 2011 by Susan Fengler

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday! Today is all about connecting with fabulous people – you! If you want to stay in touch you can follow me on my facebook page Sue loves NYC (I post some Fashion and NY finds on the facebook page that don’t make the blog) or …

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