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Outfit: College Jacket (Letterman Jacket)

In: Fashion
10. Januar 2012 by Susan Fengler

college jacket: H&M Men, bracelet: Vain, ring: Tiffany’s I love my college jacket (or letterman jacket)! What do you think of this trend? My letterman jacket, which of course says “basketball” on the front, is from the H&M Men’s collection, because I don’t like the very short jackets for girls. My dad always tells me …

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Graduation Ceremony: My Outfit

In: Main
5. November 2011 by Susan Fengler

This was my outfit for my graduation ceremony at University of Mannheim yesterday. It was great to see some of my friends from college! After the cut you can also see me in a gown ;). — Hier seht ihr mein Outfit zur Absolventenfeier an der Uni Mannheim, die gestern stattfand. Ich habe mich sehr …

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