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Today is the day: the Versace for H&M collection is available in Germany this morning! Countdown-time! In the German fashion blogosphere, the collection did not receive very much positive feedback. I already told you in my last Versace for H&M blog post that I like some pieces, but don’t really like the men’s collection (I would not find guys attractive sporting the Versace for H&M outfits…). I will look out for some of the pieces I like in H&M’s online shop – too cold to go to a store and I have to work anyways.

Heute ist der Tag: die Versace für H&M Kollektion ist ab heute Morgen in Deutschland erhältlich. Zeit für einen Countdown! In der deutschen Mode-Blogosphäre kam die Kollektion nicht so gut an. Ich habe euch ja schon meine Meinung über die Versace für H&M Kollektion in meinem letzten Blogpost verraten. Einige Stücke gefallen mir sehr gut, aber die Männer-Kollektion trifft nicht meinen Geschmack (Männer in den Versace für H&M Outfits wären für mich eher nicht so attraktiv…). Ich werde im H&M Onlineshop nach meinen Lieblingsteilen Ausschau halten – es ist definitiv zu kalt, um vor einem Store zu stehen und außerdem muss ich ja eh arbeiten.



    November 17, 2011 at 8:07 am

    there’re still lots of people queuing up here in Hong Kong for that =P


  • dapperdolly

    November 17, 2011 at 8:11 am

    I’m not German but am disappointed with the result as well, the idea of the collab was interesting to begin with but the line is too garish, gaudy, psychadelic and unflattering in fit for my liking. The idea was to make couture available to the masses but the line seems too niche and released at the wrong time of year for the many mis-matching colours, patterns and skimpiness. I agree that there are a few nice pieces and they tend to be the Black ones, but even they have strange detailing. I dunno, it looks cheap as well as being ‘cheap’ in price/value, which isn’t what I usually equate Versace with.


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